Since 2006 Other Side Productions has told the stories of various clients passionately, cost effectively and with a large dose of message focused creative flair. Our passion; marketing your profession.

Video is often overlooked when it comes to content for Safety and Training purposes. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to Safety, often material is presented via a slideshow, lecture or even a slab of text on a piece of paper…  The same attributes that make our videos an effective way to sell also make it an equally for safety and training purposes.

Other Side Productions is a leader in industrial safety videos, the content we have produced aims to be as interesting and engaging to watch as possible. The aim is for viewers pay more attention to the content you want to share with them; this results in better comprehension of the message. When you consider that a minute of video is said to be worth 1.8 million words think about how effective a short safety video is in comparison to a document with the same content.  

Training through video can be effective in so many different applications. For example if your technical department is dealing with regular phone calls regarding the same issues why not produce videos which cover how to deal with frequently asked questions. Videos like these will pay for themselves in no time when you factor in the productivity benefits gained through not having your technicians tied up on the phone all day.

In many cases training or demonstration videos can also be presented in a more promotional style, demonstrating the features of the product, assisting in the selling process. .

Contact us to discuss further – for confidentiality reasons we can’t make our clients safety training videos public.

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