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Other Side Productions & True Grit

True Grit is a new concept in the growing Obstacle Challenge market

Designed by the Australian Special Forces; True Grit is the first Australian player in the obstacle challenge market. The course is over 10km long and with over 30 obstacles in that distance the course is the more intense than competitors.

Our brief was to produce a series of videos pre, during and after the event as well as an animated title and outro section. The first event was a huge success from our point of view; received over 600,000 views through the True Grit Facebook page so far. Our footage also featured nationally on Channel Nine’s 6pm news in a story featuring solely our footage. From the first event we have continued with our ‘live’ coverage model, including a course preview video the day before the event and a hype video at the end of the first day. These two videos along with the event feature video proved to be the most popular proving the importance of being able to edit on site in an efficient manner. The Saturday Hype video is produced at the same time as supplying a feed for the news less than an hour after the end of the event.

As True Grit expands into new markets such as the innovative Night Attack Events and the upcoming 24hr we’re proud to be there with them producing the kind of video coverage needed to promote the events as far and wide as possible. 

Check out two of the videos to the right and to find out more check out the event website














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