Since 2006 Other Side Productions has told the stories of various clients passionately, cost effectively and with a large dose of message focused creative flair. Our passion; marketing your profession.

Where we’ve come from

Other Side Productions was established in 2006 and started out producing event videos, focusing on multi camera performances and concerts. It was a baptism of fire, tight deadlines and no second chances; but a good starting point to hone skills and efficient practice. From there we’ve diversified and now create videos for almost any field, from broadcast television, food & wine, motor sport, safety and training through to product launches or complete online marketing campaigns.

Our Specialities

Our core focus has always been story telling – whether it be when we’re filming a car rally or a video to launch a coffee range the key to our videos is always the story and how engaging that story is to your customers.

We focus on making you look good and presenting the passion and knowledge you have for business on camera for all your clients to see. We aim to offer a service that delivers more than just a video. Our goal is to work with you to produce an entertaining message focused product which targets the needs of the people you want to target, promotes the services you want to promote and sells the products you want to sell.

We don’t just sell you a camera operator and editor; we provide a complete service and the best value product possible no matter the project.

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