Since 2006 Other Side Productions has told the stories of various clients passionately, cost effectively and with a large dose of message focused creative flair. Our passion; marketing your profession.

Food and Drinks

Food, coffee, wine… They’re a huge part of Other Side Productions. We love having the opportunity to produce content in the industry. 

One of our first major breakthroughs was producing cooking show videos and from here we’ve taken any opportunity to progress further, this has seen us produce videos for the Good Food and Wine show, Moro Olive Oils and Old el Paso among many other brands. 

The industry is a competitive one and thats why we think producing video content which appeals to your target market is a critical part of marketing in this field. Video can be used to help market a new product, generate brand awareness, engage with Facebook fans and to give website viewers and interactive experience. 


Check out the two short videos on the right to see a couple of examples of what we’ve produced for Moro and Old el Paso. 





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