Since 2006 Other Side Productions has told the stories of various clients passionately, cost effectively and with a large dose of message focused creative flair. Our passion; marketing your profession.

Online & Corporate promotional videos

Through working with multiple clients across various industries we’re ideally placed to promote your business

Other Side Productions have had the opportunity to work across a range of industries, everything from industrial manufacturing, food, wine, coffee, automation & robotics, construction, security, gaming & e-Sports, automotive, cleaning & restoration, medical, education and training/safety videos among others.

This experience means our team has what it takes to understand your industry and produce video content that will appeal to your potential clients.

We specialise in producing high quality brand videos, case study / testimonial videos and also promotional / product videos. This breath of content allows us to produce content that fits the specific need, whether it be a interview based testimonial video which engages with viewers through telling the story of the product, or demonstration tools that enable your sales team to more effectively sell you company or product.

Our work on broadcast TV projects allows us to bring additonal experience & capabilities to all of our productions. This includes broadcast quality video equipment, high level animated graphics, drone footage and other specialist techniques and distribution strategies.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help promote your business.


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