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How Facebook works

facebookFacebook…. Along with Google and YouTube it’s the website that will define out generation. How well your business utilises all three will define the success of your online marketing.

Facebook is all about connecting with people, your fans are all potential customers. It’s an opportunity to talk to them on the same level, identify with their wants and need and promote the attributes of your brand in a highly approachable manner.

Regular content such as photos and video is what makes a Facebook page successful, sure you can ‘buy’ likes now but the most effective way to build your business’’ profile is the old fashioned way of giving your fans content they engage with.

The other key thing with Facebook is that it interacts closely with your Google ranking. If you’re seen as being active on Facebook (through posting a lot of content and linking back to your website) it helps with your Google ranking massively. Combine this with the fact that videos on your website increase the likelihood of you being on the front page of a Google search by 53% and you’re on the way to a winner.  

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