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Kuka Robotics at Hella

Without doubt one of the most interesting projects we’ve been involved with is this video profiling Hellas headline assembly line, which uses Kuka Robots to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

As far as shooting is concerned there isn’t many things sexier than these robots; bright orange and curvaceous machines performing tasks quickly and precisely. Add a visually stimulating background and interesting subject matter being produced and our team was in videographer’s heaven with so many creative possibilities!

However, we had a limited time frame to shoot the production line and interview the talent so it was quickly to work. The purpose of the video was to promote Kuka’s robots and in order to do this we used a modern take on the well-used testimonial video model that is always a successful way to promote a product. As David talks the viewer through the production line he discusses the features and benefits of the products and how they have helped improve efficiency. We interviewed David on the line to give the video a more realistic feel as in this case a little background noise adds to the video. While he talks the supporting footage adds to what David is discussing to create an entertaining and informative video.

The video has been edited down to keep it short and sweet – most importantly it’s engaging and entertaining to watch. The video itself has been a success for the client and the relatively small investment to create content like this has paid for itself. 

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