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Filming the world’s largest car rally

Targa Tasmania is the world largest tarmac rally – a 2000km course run over 6 days with hundred of competitors driving through the remote Tasmanian wilderness. In 2012 we filmed the event with a team of four and produced over two hours of video content, the feature being a daily highlights video produced each night as well as three videos each day for the Mazda Australia team.

You can’t truly appreciate the work that goes into filming an event like this until you attack it on a large scale. It’s a stressful thing to put a team through, each day involved getting out before 6am to make it to Targa stages before the roads were closed to prepare them for competition. A full day of chasing the competition would follow with each shot critical as at the end of each day new videos had to be produced. The interviews with competitors are the key parts of the video as they ensure the story is entertaining, this meant we had to jostle to be ready to interview multiple teams at lunch stop and well as at the end of each days competition. We also had a second person running around and copying the footage off the in car cameras onto a laptop.

At the end of each day the editing process would begin. The stage team would begin capturing footage as soon as possible, the finish of this normally coinciding with the interview footage having been recorded and ready to capture. From here the late night would begin and by the next morning 4-5 videos would be uploaded online including a comprehensive highlights video featuring all the day’s action.

We’re extremely proud of what we achieved covering the event. We spent days physically recceing locations and countless hours behind the computer planning routes. The process was exhausting but overall it was definitely worth it. To be able to cover the world’s largest rally, an event that I had been watching since the age of 4 was something incredible. The highlights videos managed to really capture the feel of the event and tell a great story. We had a few mishaps; day 4 for example two of our camera had technical issues resulting in a lot of lost footage. However we managed to work around that to the extent that you can’t notice it in the final video and we gladly managed to rectify the issues for the final day.

Below we’ve linked a few of the sites that wrote stories based around our videos and across are a few of the videos. Keep in mind these were all shot and edited on the same day! Please watch and enjoy. 

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