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Targa Video Packages

Other Side Productions will be at Targa High Country 2017 with a team of videographers specifically capturing footage of your car.
Our team are motorsport video specialists who’ve covered Targa events multiple times and know how to get footage that demonstrates the speed and sound of competition while also captures the majestic scenery of the stages.

To see our most recent Targa work view the 2017 Targa Tasmania TV shows as aired on Channel NINE below.


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Our $350.00 ‘Pure Sound’ video package is the ideal visual memory of the event and includes all the footage of your car captured at Targa High Country 2017. This package includes two videos, a YouTube highlight video (approximately 2-3 minutes) which includes the best footage of your car at the event and a raw video which features all the footage of your car at the event.

View an example of the “Pure Sound” highlight here
– Targa High Country 2016 – Lotus Exige Sport 350 

View an example of the raw footage video here
Targa High Country 2016 – Raw Footage Example


Our $1250 Documentary package is for competitors who want to be able to tell the story of their event through video. This package includes interviews throughout the event as well as all the stage footage we capture featuring your car at Targa High Country 2017. The video will be edited to music and can feature your in-car footage. In addition to the YouTube documentary we will also supply a raw stage footage video.

View an examples of the Documentary package here

– Targa High Country 2016 – Jaguar F-Type Highlights

– Targa Tasmania 2017 – Downey’s Roofing Torana Highlights




Please contact us to secure your video package today, either via the contact us page or the details below.

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