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The Black art of Viral Videos… How millions have seen our work


The number of people who see your video is determined by a number of factors, mainly how many people view where you post the video (website, Facebook etc) and then how many people on share it. In order for it to be shared the video must show the viewer something new and engaging – quality of the video is also a driving factor.

Part of the process is the distribution network that will lead to the videos being seen. For example in the automotive field we work with the 7tune group, which has a base of over 80,000 fans to share our work to. If you consider that the average Facebook user has 262 friends that is potential access to around21 million people.

Our ‘Lamborghini on fire’ video is a great example of how viral videos work. We shot the content and had it online within 30 minutes of the event. From here it entered the news cycle. That night we edited the Targa High Country day two Highlights video and provided the story. The story was picked up by the major international influencers in the industry, Top Gear, AutoBlog etc and it went from there. We were showing something new, exciting and news worthy. We also provided the media organisations with all the information they needed making it an easy story to write. From there people shared from these articles due to the content being exciting, new and engaging and the result was over 800,000 views in total. In comparison a major news outlet also captured footage of the car on fire and only managed to draw in 15,000 views by comparison. This theory applies to all areas and all videos, make the content engaging, interestingly presented, not too long and something viewers haven’t seen before, get the video out quickly and ensure the production values are high quality.

Not all videos have to received millions of views to be successful however, quality of views is always more important than quality. If the right people are watching the videos then that is all that matters, we can site numerous example of clients being able to sell products and services directly as a result of people viewing our videos meaning the videos pay for themselves before you look at any of the additional benefits such as brand recognition and long term marketing benefits. Often the best quality views come from people who visit your website and are already interested in the product. The videos combine with the other content to create an engaging and interactive selling feature, second only to seeing and having the product demonstrated in person.

YouTube is also often the highest quality source for our clients, people who come to your website as a result of seeing a video are likely to spend more time on your website and take up a call to action.

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