Since 2006 Other Side Productions has told the stories of various clients passionately, cost effectively and with a large dose of message focused creative flair. Our passion; marketing your profession.

One of our favorites – Best’s Wines

Our first client in the wine industry was Best’s Wines based in Great Western Victoria. In collaboration with
Mastermind Consulting we produced a series of videos over the last few years which were part of a wider strategy to reinvigorate the marketing of this 146 year old brand.

Best’s is a family owned winery, the Thompson’s have been at the helm for 5 generations and have steered the brand through the booms and busts of the wine industry. Our brief was to tell the ‘Best Kept Secrets’ of the winery, sharing the stories of the family and the early days of the brand as well as profiling the product range in a series of short videos.

The interviews we did with Viv Thompson were a highlight, with his incredibly sharp memory Viv told some of the most amazing stories about the early days of Best’s and his history as a Winemaker starting in the 1960s. We’ve also worked closely with winemaker Justin Purser to help share his knowledge through video, an enlightening experience. 

For me it was also an eye opening experience as far as devolving a further appreciation and love for wine. As we went about shooting the videos I began to fall in love with the place, from the original 1800s underground cellar to the beautiful vineyards; the first of which were planted in 1866 and still exist today. The video content was a great basis to learn more about wine and the massive amount of work, love and tradition that actually goes into creating the products that you enjoy.

We’re particularly proud of the videos produced with Best’s which you can see on their website, YouTube Channel and Facebook page.
The quality of views has been high and has had a tangible benefit for the brand.

The line ‘Our passion; marketing your profession’ might sound like a bit of marketing bluff at first read but it is places like Best’s which truly embody our motivator – we love Best’s and are excited each time we are asked back to shoot more videos at the winery – to be able to come back and again be part of the family, enjoy the atmosphere and buy more wine !

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